Owning a Bengal cat is an adventure. They are so entertaining. These cats have big hearts They should be taught the house rules at an early age. The fur or pelt on these cats is the softest thing I think I have ever touched. To appreciate the softness and fur type is difficult as no words can describe the physicat sensation of touching it. You must feel it for yourself. The pioneers of the breed bred into the Bengal what is called a Gold Ticking Gene, and as a result their coats have a glittery sparkle thet comes alive in the sunlight. This sparkle enhaves their already beautifully spozzed or rosetted coat and gives them a brethtaking appearance.

The Paws on the Bengal are long and slender and they use them very effectively when they want to retriever something. Asiasn Leopard Cats have beed fondly known as fisher cats and are stong swimmers thet dine on fisch. Bengals have also inherited this love of water. Aquarium fish beare! They love fish tanks and don´t be surprised if they join you in the shower. Pattering around in little water in the bottom of a sink or tub is great entertainment for them. Bengals love to play and they jump.